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Facial Treatment


Oasis's special Ayurvedic Herbal Facial is a real treat for those who wish to improve their skin the natural way using organic herbal products that have no chemicals, toxins and dyes. There is a five-step facial which includes a cleansing, scrubbing, face steaming, face massage with gel/cream and face mask.(Facials for female & male available)

Pearl Facial

It polishes hydrates your sking, make it smooth and lightens the complexion leaves it with luminour and golden glow.

Pearl Facial 50 min £40

Gold Facial

It purifies, revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin, giving it a youthful and golden glow.

Gold Facial 50 min £40

Fruit Facial

Good for normal and oily skin also good for anti aging to maintain the elasticity and tightens the skin.

Fruit Facial 50 min £40

Saffron Facial

Gives natural fairness to skin and brighten the complexion.

Saffron Facial 50 min £40

Glow Facial

It provides instant glow to skin leaving it fairer, radiant and nourished.

Glow Facial 50 min £40

Collagen Facial

Collagen Facial is high in Vitamin C count, which is extremely essential for the synthesis of Collage and is a great anti-oxidant which helps to reduce skin damage caused by free radicals thereby delaying the ageing process.

Collagen Facial 50 min £40

Neem Facial

Deep cleanses and removes acne causing bacteria, Exfoliates black heads & other rooted impurities, Effectively controls acne and pimple.

Neem Facial 50 min £40

Hydrogel Facial

It is suitable for all skin types except very dry or dehydrated skin. This facial has a composition of Neem, Aloevera and Hydrogen which is good for acne or pimple prone skin.

Hydrogen Facial 50 min £40

Diamond Facial

Diamong facial gifts a natural tone enhancer and a whitening effect to the skin. It carries zircon ash & lactic acid which gives a uniform complexion & a smooth texture with polishing application to the skin. It comes with oxy gel, oxytone, oxy milk (serum), oxyfair massage cream, oxypack and oxysun protective cream. Suitable for all skin type.

Diamond Facial 50 min £40

Papaya Facial

Papaya facial is benificial for dark complexion skin, especially for those who have patchy skin, blemishes and pigmentation. It helps to reduce the melanin deposit and lightens dark spots. The natural goodness of the ingredients works their magic on your skin, leaving you looking gorgeously refreshed.

Papaya Facial 50 min £40

Kaeso Facial

Kaeso Facial 50 min £40

Back Cleansing

Back cleansing, Exfoliation, Steam & extract black/white heads, pimples removal and followed by mask an moisturise.

Back Cleansing 40 min £50